15+ Graduation Photos to end medical school in style

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First of all, congratulations on finishing this torture we call the medical school. All the best in your future endeavors

Completing 4/5//6/7 years of med school (depending on the country you live in) is not an easy feat. I wish I were seriously in your shoes, for real.

I can only imagine the joy this has sparked in you, and I know you’d want to take all the pictures in the world as you should

It’ll make total sense to ask for all these photos to be taken because again it’s not easy. I came up with this blog post to give you an idea of how to go about choosing the perfect pose and style for your medical school graduation photos and also how to go about it!

Enjoy reading.

1. Labcoat with a stethoscope

This is a must. I mean, you’ve literally spent your whole life working hard for this moment and waiting patiently to customize your lab coat with your name and those two letters, DR. Go ahead show the world, the newest Doctor is in town.

2. Scrubs

I totally love wearing scrubs in medical school. You get all the freedom you need to move around on the ward. I like the varying colors and patterns scrubs come in. You can therefore slay effortlessly in those pictures with your scrubs.

medical school graduation photos

3. Stack of books

If only the world knew how much we read on a daily, we’ll understand each other better. I love this picture by Teawithmd.com. She sums up what medical school life is about with this one picture

medical school graduation photos
via Pinterest

4. Helium balloons

These helium balloons are a simple way to tell a story without doing too much, like these ones below. You can do this with the year you completed, the title you want or a really funny/sarcastic idea

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5. Coloured smoke bombs

I just love how colorful and powerful this makes a whole photo look. It’s a beautiful celebration with colours!

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6. Heart It!

Just a simple way to add some spice to your regular stethoscope in your graduation outfit, scrubs or labcoat

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7. Graduation Caps & Banners

Designing graduation caps is nothing new. I love the funny ones because they literally catch your attention in no time. You could also give an important message by printing it on the cap.

A cute banner with your name and the newly acclaimed titles is also cute. You’ve definitely earned it, and you need to own it! This rolled out tissue paper inscribed with Class of 2020 is very amusing and innovative as well. Medical school is shitty. Fits in well

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8. “I’m done” plaques

In the spirit of finally completing medical school, the only thing you might want to say is ‘I’m done!’

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9. To-Do List Boards & Designs

Yass! On to the next! You tell your story right where it all started to where you’re headed to. It’s a time to celebrate all the wins style

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10. Flying papers

HAHAHA! Every medic’s dream at some point is to throw the papers away and be over and done with. The time has come. Give yourself that chance

11. Champagne Spray

Pop the champagne and let’s party. Medical school is off the list!

12. Heels & Steth

Whew, Chile! Who would have thought you could comfortably bring down the level of the stethoscope to hang on your heels. Just for this moment in time because we need the break

13. Socks, Feet, & Heels work

Walking out on a year because it’s over is the joy of every medical student. Get this design on your feet and let it go!

14. Cute Doctor’s T-shirt

Find these cute little T-shirts and represent. Finally done with med school

14. Recreate a photo from your favourite medical series

I love Grey’s anatomy and the resident. I’ll definitely be interested in recreating any of their photos with friends

15. Your homies

Can’t leave the gang out. You may have different career paths in the same medical field and hopefully, you’ll be graduating together. It’d be a lot of fun creating memories evident in graduation photos like this with them

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of graduation photos you need to taje before leaving medical school.

Wishing you the best in what is yet to come!


**All other images not referenced were obtained from Pinterest

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