26 Perfect Summer Ideas For College Students

26 Perfect Summer Ideas For College Students

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So what time is it? Summerrrr!! And some of you are still uncertain how you’d want to spend it amidst the pandemic which has disrupted so many activities. Here are some simple ideas that could help;

Ultimate Summer Buketlist for Students

1.Visit a new city

2.Learn to play an instrument

3.Read the book of Proverbs


5.Learn to fix hair or do makeup

6.Find a sport preferably tennis

7.Complete driving lessons

8.Be active at church

9.Join a charity organization

10.Build a vision board

11.Find a side hustle

12.Listen to Steve Harvey and others

13.Work on physique (gym)

14.Try yoga

15.Try baking for a friend

16.Internship (not for medical students)

17.Learn a new language

18.Read a book

19.Catch up on a series

20.Visit a new country

21.A week without social media

22.Chill out with friends

23.Backyard Barbecue

24.Join a research group

25.Organize a get-together

26.Just relaxxxxx!!!!

But hey, you can make your summer/vacation fruitful only when you plan. I hope you enjoy yourself!!

Summer Bucketlist

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