40 Easy & Cheap Ways to give yourself a treat

40 Easy & Cheap Ways to give yourself a treat

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My self-care game this year has been on a 100. I’m intentionally adding all the extraness when it comes to my wellbeing to my everyday routine because why not?

There comes a point in life where you just learn to take things easy, somewhat slow, and just watch things work out from a distance while sipping on some mojitos (not really but yeah)

Before Covid-19 hit, I’d randomly play dress up and eventually decide to give myself a solo treat. It didn’t cost me much because I made use of cheap transport and visited the not too fancy but places worthy of a visit.

You need to treat yourself sometimes, if not always. It’s all part of self-care and overall wellbeing. Making sure to come first on your to-do list all the time. It isn’t selfish. This life is too complex to let it crush you down and put you in a little corner. You need to give room for reset days because a healthy man/ mind is a successful man and the energy you put in is what you expel.

Celebrating small and big wins don’t have to be an entire rent out of a luxurious apartment partying with friends and loved ones. The same feeling of satisfaction and completion also come in these quieter yet overlooked forms.

Here are 40 cheap and inexpensive ways to treat yourself and come back with full force. Again, not breaking the bank.

How I do it;

1.Do nothing – for those of us on busy schedules, doing nothing with no guilt is an absolute luxury. After studying for long hours, inadequate rest hours, etc in medical school, I can only crave for lying in my student sized bed doing nothing. Heaven knows the comfort this brings even in a short space of time

2. Practice Self-care – I’ve purposed in my heart to do this whenever I can. It is of great help to my emotional, physical, spiritual, and social wellbeing. I’m far more organized and at peace with myself in practising self-care

3. Sleep as much as you can – sleep is really not my favourite thing to do except it keeps interrupting rudely during lectures and studies. However, I treat myself to a much-needed 6-hour sleep and it is undoubtedly the best thing ever especially after practising self-care. Can’t beat that

4.Re-watch your favorite movie – When I tell you I’ve watched Girls trip for the 100th time, you wouldn’t believe me. My mood just lights up whenever I click play. Repetition is really not boring with your favorite movie. I dance, sing, laugh, and rattle some of the lines in every rewatch, like I was part of the movie.

5.Listen to your favourite playlist – I’m a die-hard Maverick city fan now. I listen to them all day every day. In the heat of the hustle and stresses of life, you don’t get to properly imbibe the moment when music is playing. I do that as a treat and oh my, music is food for the soul indeed

6.Solo date night – My friends think I’m out of this world when I decide out of nowhere to eat out at a lucky restaurant on my own. When you know you’re deserving of it, don’t wait for confirmation from others. Go for it!

Other amazing ways to treat yourself
  1. Have a warm bath with bath bombs
  2. Buy a much-wanted dress
  3. Arrange dinner with friends
  4. Book a hotel room and make use of room service
self care
  1. Go sightseeing
  2. Boat ride
  3. Attend a jazz night
  4. Go to the movies
  5. Spa day
  6. Complete a long-overdue series
  7. Play dress up
  8. Take a day off
  9. Go to the park
  10. Do yoga
  11. Karaoke night with a partner
  12. Pedicure & Manicure
  13. Journaling your accomplishments
  14. Draw a vision board
  15. At home facial
self care

  1. Order a chicken bucket/box of pizza
  2. Netflix and chill
  3. Do makeup, light candles, and feel good
  4. Spend time with a loved one
  5. Bake something you love
  6. Make someone smile
  7. Go swimming/fishing
  8. Re-read a book
  9. Game night with loved ones
  10. Try a new craft
  1. Walk on the beach
  2. Have a photoshoot
  3. Blow bubbles in an open space
  4. Walkthrough a flower garden
  5. Dance to great music
Self care

Hopefully, through this article, you’ve found a better way to celebrate and treat yourself right in whatever season you’re in. Our total wellbeing especially when it comes to mental wellness is far more important than the vanities of life.

In wanting to live your best lives, achieve to live a meaningful and healthy one as such. There’s much more happiness in taking care of yourself and killing those goals than feeling a mess all through the journey of life

I hope you enjoyed this one.

See you soon.


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