All things Jam

Hey!!! Julia here and welcome to MedbyJam. I’m a medical student, lifestyle, wellness, and beauty enthusiast who also loves food. So Med by Jam is basically a combination of medical school and all things Jam (my initials). It seems literally impossible to balance all these three to achieve great results.

Why I started blogging

Aside from all the things stated above, I particularly love to write/put things down rather than just talk about them. Hence, I started my first blog,, in 2019 where I highlighted the everyday struggles adulting presents with and tackling some of those issues head-on. I believe blogging gives me a platform to sincerely express myself and release some tension from this unpredictable and complicated world while helping others.

What should you expect?

My goal now on is to reach as many people as I can so we can all learn to live our very best lives in terms of lifestyle, wellness, beauty, and fashion while checking those As and all things in between.

When do I post?

I plan on posting every Wednesday and Sunday for my main blog and on the medical school bit respectively.

Contact me

You can find me on all my socials in the header of my homepage or by email at and I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you all.

Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned! XoXo