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As more and more people get ready for the summer (as is uncancelled), vacation, school, and other outings events, braided hairstyles always come to question especially for black women.

I recently decided to get some braids done while in quarantine. For some reason, I get the same kind of braids over and over again. So this time around, I was keen on getting unique and gorgeous hairstyles different from the usual box braids I do.

While thoroughly searching for braided hairstyles for black women, I came across stunning and trendy ones which I decided to share, for anyone in a dilemma about getting braided up.

Although 2020 is still up and going with its unforeseen happenings, hairstyle trends are still in place. Here is a compilation of the few braided hairstyle trends for black women.

1. Passion twists

Aside from how beautiful the twists look and the Marley vibes attached to it, these braids are lightweight and easy-going for maximum comfort and easy styling. They can be worn in both crochet and mesh forms

Braids for women #passiontwists
Image via Pinterest

2. Tribal braids

These braids are known in Africa as all back braids. The nature of these braids reveal all the impeccable features of black women, and when paired with gold and silver accessories, exhibits the real adorning of a Nubian princess.

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3. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids have been the most talked about throughout this first half of 2020. The reason being the incredible benefits of preventing excessive breakage and tearing of natural hair when pulling them down. It is a great alternative for the everyday box braids we get and so many celebs are up for it

4. Sleek Long Braided Ponytail

Absolutely perfect for summer weddings. I’m a huge fan of this ponytail because of how quick and easy it is to fix and the freedom associated with it. You don’t really have a problem with the scorching sun in this hairstyle. Effortlessly chic for the summer and suitable for both relaxed and natural hair sisters as well

5. Box / Triangle Twists

Box twists don’t have you sitting in the salon chair for that long. However, maintaining these braids is a worry for most of my black sisters. One piece of advice is to always wear a tight-fitting satin scarf to secure the edges and tips of the braids at night.

braids for women #box twists
Image via Pinterest
via Pinterest

6. Fulani Braids

This 2019 hot trend is still in vogue. Fulani braids hit the streets and have not gone back since. As a combination of both cornrows and box braids, you can restyle after a while, when the cornrows become defective, into full box braids giving you a whole new look.

braids for women #fulani braids
Image via Pinterest

via Pinterest

7. Cornrow Wigs

For the versatile black woman out there. Once you get your hand on some beautiful curly hair with frontal, don’t forget to switch up with this style

8. Goddess Braids

We’ve seen a lot of goddess braids this year and they’re an absolute fave. These braids incorporate curly hair into whatever style of braids you want to get, be it box braids, twists or faux locs. It gives you a much fuller hair

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9. Short Goddess Faux Locs

For all the booked and busy black women, these short goddess faux locs are a go-to. You can just jump out of bed, reposition the look and you’re good to go. Put some accessories in them and you have a whole new gorgeous look

braids for women #short goddess faux locs
Image via Pinterest
via Pinterest

10. Long Faux Locs

Honestly, when I saw this whole look on Tamera, I was mesmerized by the look. What I also love about faux locs is that it looks good no matter the state it’s in, whether fresh or old and I’d highly recommend for black sistas who are transitioning.

11. Ghana Cornrows

Not too sure why these braids have been named after Ghana but they’re perfect for the summer and those in temperate areas. Putting them in an updo makes these braids even more beautiful.

Braids for women #ghanacornrows
Image via Pinterest

12. Short Inch Box Braids

Whenever you get tired of your long box braids (like I always do after 3weeks) this a great alternative. However, make sure to use small rubber bands at the ends after chopping them off, and don’t forget to style up your braids with a beautiful scrunchie.

braids for black women #shortinchboxbraids
Image via Pinterest

13. Beaded Fulani Braids

Putting beads at the tips of braids for school children in Africa was very trending back then. Now that it has translated to adults in recent times, we can’t get enough of these beautiful braids. Again, it is a great switch up for when you have long Fulani braids.

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14. Two Layered Braids

I’m an absolute fan of these braids out of all the braided hairstyles I’ve seen. Very easy to manage and works perfectly well for all occasions

Braids for black women
Image via Pinterest
via Pinterest

15. Box Braids

Finally, as far as I run from box braids, I always came back to it. However, I’ll definitely be trying bigger braids next time for protective styling.

I hope these braided hairstyles will give some inspiration whenever you plan on putting up braids


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