My November goals: Getting ready for 2021

My November goals: Getting ready for 2021

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I can’t fathom how fast 2020 has gone by. Like it just came and went. It’s so unbelievable that we’re in November already. How?

Through the many ups and downs, laughter and tears, this year has been an eye opener in varying ways and I can’t wait to see what 2021 holds.

On this blog, I want to create a space where we can all share in our vulnerabilities, joys, weakness and everything between. Hence, I’ve made a choice to give brief recaps and goals for previous and coming months respectively starting from now so we can all live happily ever after.

LOL, literally though.

So here goes my recap of October

October started well for me in the sense that school closed, that means time on our hands to continue doing other stuff, bonding with family and friends.

Right when my exams ended, I wanted to speedily catch up on all the lost time on here. I started posting according to schedule but didn’t see the light of day eventually. I reluctantly took a long-overdue break from active and simultaneous learning and blogging because I was undeniably overwhelmed.

Coming back to the blog now has sparked in me so much excitement, enthusiasm and given me the nod to carry on. I really can’t wait to share!

I, unfortunately, missed out on setting specific goals for October because of finals but in this new month, there’s no getting away.

Here are some real ones I’ve set for November to get me on track and help prepare me for a better and productive 2021

Photo by Boris Pavlikovsky from Pexels

1. Post at least 2 times a week on here

Blogging can be hard, especially as a new blogger. It’s a never-ending experience. Most times a downer, other times a great highlight of the day. To me, just the fact that I’m able to share my life with you, with all the medical school hustle and bustle is satisfying. I’m constantly creating schedules for the blog, which ends up a failure. In this month, I hope to stick faithfully to my schedule and release at most 2 blog posts a week

2. Open an Instagram account

Yasss, I’m joining Instagram again after a “sanity period” of about 5 months. I’ll be sharing with you guys what I learnt and how I’ll be managing the account this time around, in the coming days. Just so you know, the account is going to be mostly business-related, to boost blog traffic and to get to know you guys better as IG is heavily thriving across the globe

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3. Communicate better

Yo, if you know me, you know I suck so badly at holding fruitful conversations and communication in general. I’m the typical phlegmatic just sitting quietly in my corner, afraid of confrontations. I’m focusing on improving that aspect of my life this November and henceforth. Checking up on people as much as I can and trying hard to just listen and be there for them.

4. Finishing my driving lessons

The heavens know how many times I’ve said this whenever we go on breaks. I never do it. How I’m able to learn everything apart from how to reverse still remains a mystery to me. I’m definitely getting it off my to-do list this month. No slacking!

5. Grow in faith

All these things, God has given us freely but it’s admonished of us to seek His guidance and provision to see us through. Also, getting to the end of the year, so many unfortunate incidences occur that would only require us to stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

On that note, have a blessed month and share some of your November goals with us in the comment section down below

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