6 Simple Ways to Mentally Prepare for school after lockdown

6 Simple Ways to Mentally Prepare for school after lockdown

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We’re back to reality. It’s time for a new season to begin. Not gonna lie Covid-19 has taught us all some important life lessons to help us carry on even stronger in life

My school is resuming in no time. I dreaded this day so much because I know how seriously unprepared I am for this whole medical school thing.

After watching people lose their lives to COVID and the immense trauma this has caused so many close family and friends, I was just not ready for it all

But life has to go on

I need to complete my studies for the semester. After getting all the physical necessities as stated in my post lockdown back to school essentials, I needed that breath of fresh air and sunlight to get it all together

Here’s how I’m mentally preparing to go back to school

Back to school

1. Take time off to get your head straight

So I was initially reluctant to go on this 3 day trip to the Volta Region of Ghana with my mum but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I just needed the break and reset.

During this time, I made use of room service, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and refreshed my mind on the realities on the ground. Some days reading lecture slides also. It was the trip I most definitely needed. I wish I knew this trick all along. Just find a getaway spot. Nothing posh. Get fed, have those soothing massages may be, and just enjoy it while it lasts.

The change of environment makes it a lot easy to transition from one stage to another. You’ll automatically get refreshed and ready for a new start without having to do much mentally.

2.Acknowledge the change in season

A message came right on time for me as well the previous Sunday, from one of our pastors.(If you’d allow me to preach a Lil bit).

It was all about how the Israelites had to change their attitudes once they were about to step into the promised land (Judges 2:10). Remember they groaned and groaned and God answered each one of their groans. Now, a new season arose. In order for them to occupy the promised land, they needed to change. This compelled God to wipe out the entire generation of people who had carried the same attitude all through their rescue from Egypt.

This message has rung in my heart throughout the week. You require a change in attitude in this new season else, you can’t cope. In order for you to grow/move on/possess that land, you need a positive mindset to face all the challenges head-on, to fight it all. At the end of the day, remember you’re more than a conqueror.

3. Talk it out

Let it out. Speaking up is therapy enough to get your emotions and frustrations out. Keeping things inside is even more dangerous. It can be difficult trying to find the right person to speak. An anonymous person you’ve seen playing the role of a good listener and adviser is enough. Make sure to let those emotions out.

Your contacts could play a major role here as well. Talking to friends going through similar situations and sharing ideas to solve those problems together is the way to go. This helps in releasing anxiety, stress, and just knowing you’re not alone.

4. Revisit the vision board

Go back to your goals. What you once dreamed of. The vision boards etc. Go back and read on them. Covid-19 won’t stop life, Covid-19 will pass one day. You need not remain in the same position as grabbing popcorns, Netflixing, and chilling. You have to reach out to your goals and achieve them. Time and money wait for no man. Get that bag

5. Don’t think you’re alone

You need to understand that you’re not the only one in this predicament. 2020 hit hard on everyone. No two ways about that. We’re all in the same pool of water. Therefore, put the pieces together and get going.

6. Know your WHY!

You should also understand the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your WHY? The people who look up to you. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them in any way.

Just stay safe, wear your protective clothing and pray. You’ll be good!

Thanks for reading. XoXo

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Back to school

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