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Ghana is particularly known for its diverse culture, hospitality, and tourism. Ghanaian foods add the cherry on top of the cake. You just cannot visit or even be in Ghana at the moment without trying out these popular Ghanaian dishes.

The recipes will come up shortly after this post so stay tuned!


Waakye is one of the most common Ghanaian street foods. It is usually eaten in the morning with added ‘components’ such as our popular shito, gari, egg, spaghetti, and wele. It’s similar to the Jamaican rice and peas.

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Ghana Waakye

2. Fufu

This popular Ghanaian food is made up of pounded cassava and plantain mixed together. For a healthier option in terms of calories, people go for just pounded cocoyam or plantain. Most people prefer fufu with chicken or goat meat soup. Others go for palm nut or peanut butter soup

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3.Jollof Rice

I’m not going to start a Jollof war here but it definitely is upon this list of delicious Ghanaian foods. Depending on who the cook is, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime especially when this meal is added to fried plantain and pork chops Yummy

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4.Banku and Tilapia

This is the perfect Friday night chill out meal. The tilapia when grilled with vegetable toppings is a whole flavor on its own not to even talk of our well-known shito and green pepper sauce. Banku is a mixture of corn and cassava dough sometimes strained off the chaff to make it less heavy. The banku can also go with okro/okra stew

Banku and Tilapia #ghanaianfoods
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5. Ga Kenkey

In Ghana, there are two types of Kenkey. The Ga Kenkey (popularly called Komi) and the Fante Kenkey. Ga Kenkey is common. Combined with fried shrimps, eggs, and fish/pork and again our shito sauce, you’ll definitely ask for more.

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6. Kelewele

This simple Ghanaian meal is basically, spiced fried plantain. It goes well with groundnuts or even added to regular meals like jollof rice. It’s just palatable

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7. Red Red

Still, on plantain, this local dish of beans stew, fried plantain, and gari (cassava flour) gained the red red name because of the color of the oil used and meal in general when everything is mixed. So delicious

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Akosua Konadu Yiadom writes: 30 nutritional benefits of 'red red'
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8. Apapransa

What you see on here is a whole crab on the meal. Made of cooked beans, roasted corn flour and palm nut soup, this local dish has been a delicacy for ages and most events cannot leave this out of their local buffet menu

Photos of Azmera Restaurant, Accra - Restaurant Images ...
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Azmera Restaurant |
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9. Rice Balls & Peanut Butter/Groundnut Soup

Rice Balls, also known as Omotuo in the local dialect, comes in the perfect combination with peanut butter soup and chicken. One of the easiest Sunday meals to prepare and very sumptuous as well

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10. Tatale

Who said riped plantain that has molds on it or that has black skin should be thrown away? You must be missing something then. Blend riped plantain and some spices, add some flour and fry like pancakes. When eaten with Bambara beans, it’s a complete meal otherwise added to the popular rice and chicken stew.

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11. Boiled Yam & Kontomire/spinach stew

Yam is one of the food staples in Ghana. In its right season, it’s like sweet starch in the mouth. When boiled and added to Kontomire/Spinach stew with corned beef, smoked fish and mackerel, it’s on a whole new level.

3 Ghanaian Dishes That Taste Better In Villages Than In Cities - Opera News
Kontomire stew with smoked fish (With images) | Food, Africa food ...
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12. Boiled Plantain/Yam/Cocoyam & Garden egg stew

Boiled yam could be be taken with garden egg stew with some boiled eggs but the common dish with garden eggs is with boiled plantains popularly called Apem ampesie

cooked yam and plantain with garden egg stew ,cooked egg and koobi ...
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How to Prepare Ampesi and Kontomire Stew | Swiftfoxx
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13. Rice & Chicken stew

Some would argue this is not exclusively Ghanaian but how the chicken stew is made makes all the difference. Plus when fried plantain is added. Lord have mercy!

Chicken Stew Recipe: How to Prepare Chicken Stew (Tomato Based) - Jotscroll

14. 3to and eggs

This picture here is yam 3to but that of ripe plantain is more common. Eto is basically spiced mashed plantain with some sliced eggs and avocado pear toppings. Fact is, this traditional dish is served to all the locals during Ghanaian festivals in certain towns

15. Bofrot/Buffloaf/Toogb33/Dutch Doughnuts/Puffpuff

Bofrot is one of Ghana’s street snacks. Whiles shopping in the hot sun at Makola, you can grab a bite of this, freshly prepared in most corners of the market area. It is also eaten with morning porridge/Koko.

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Puff-puff as it is called in Nigeria, bofrot in Ghana, mikate in Congo, Beinye in Cameroon, or kala in Liberia is a traditional African snack similar to a doughnut. There exists a similar version known as mandazi in Eastern and Southern Africa.

16. Chichinga/Khebab

Others prefer to call it Suya. This meat is for Saturday chillaxing. Grab some beer and a group of friends and Enjoy!

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17. Angwamo (Oil rice) with fried egg

Honestly, this looks easy to make but it requires some skilled hands to bring out the right flavor in the rice and you can’t go wrong with its tomato pepper sauce and some sardines.

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18. Yam balls

Yam balls are some tasty African snacks, everyone loves. Mash your boiled yam with some fish, meat, and/ or vegetables. I personally, prefer this with corned beef. Then mold the mixture into small balls, dip them in some egg white and breadcrumbs and fry. I just gave you the recipe!

Irresistible tuna yam balls, easy plus tips for making perfect yam balls each time.

19. Ghana Meat Pie

Why Ghana meat pie? If you know what the Fanmilk yogurt and meat pie does to you, you’ll know there’s a twist to the ordinary meat pie elsewhere. Maybe it’s the filling or the coating but it’s just delicious

Scooper - Education News: How to make meat pie Ghana

20. Plantain chips

You can never get enough of the crisp and salty nature of this Ghanaian snack. You wouldn’t want it to finish. Very simple to make too. It found on a lot of Ghanaian streets. You can’t afford to miss this

21. Sobolo

Sobolooo! This drink is known to be an extreme immune booster hence, very much patronized in this Corona season. Boil dry hibiscus flowers with ginger, some pepper, and let it cool down. Add some sugar to taste and put ice cubes in it. So refreshing

22. Shito & Green pepper

Added to a lot of Ghanaian meals, shito and green pepper sauce are popular Ghanaian sauces. It’s something you’ve never tasted before and the taste remains in your mouth forever

23. Tom Brown

Tom Brown comes from roasted corn, millet, peanut, and other cereals. They usually come in powdery form and cooked like white porridge. Just add the milk to it and you’re ready to start the morning

24. Hausa Koko and Koose

One of the common breakfast meals you can get on the streets. It is a go-to for most of the busy Ghanaian workers and it’s very sustaining

Koko And Koose cost a fortune in Accra hotels - Opera News

25. Gari Soakings

Gari, which is cassava flour, is soaked in water with some milk, sugar, and groundnuts. One of the cheapest Ghanaian foods you can have. Boarding school students always have this on their menu as it’s quick as well

Soakings download instagram hashtag photos and videos - ImgInn.com

Which Ghanaian foods have you tried and what do you love the most? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Ghanaian Foods

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