15 Important Life Lessons to learn from the Pandemic (you can’t afford to miss these)

15 Important Life Lessons to learn from the Pandemic (you can’t afford to miss these)

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Yo 2020? Who would’ve thought we’d be in lockdown for months, loose jobs, find difficulty worshipping freely, travel plans cancelled, weddings cancelled, etc? It’s been a lot, to say the least

I, for one, have been under parental surveillance and volunteering house-help duties for about 5 months and I kid you not, I’ve forgotten most of my medical stuff already.

It’s time to go back to school, to reality, it’s a new season. I posted on how to mentally prepare to go back to school here. It’s been altogether crazy

However, this pandemic has taught me so so much. I’ve made decisions I never in a million years would make and more importantly brought me closer to God.

The truth of the matter is, in every season of change there’re life lessons that you’ll need to learn in order to equip you for the next season and this pandemic has done more than enough which we cannot afford to miss.

I’ve learned these important life lessons throughout this pandemic and I’m so glad I got this opportunity to enjoy a whole 5months break. I now know I have a good foundation at least on which so much greatness is going to be rooted.

Life lessons

Lesson 1: Just a few things matter

Yes, just a few things matter. I’m sure most people have understood this cliche but very important life lesson all through this COVID-19 situation. Being alive is something we take for granted, having a family, a job, etc. these are the things that actually matter. We get so engrossed in our everyday lives that we forget these significant things. What is life if you’re dead, what is life if you’ve lost the people you celebrate your successes and failures with. It’s all vanity if we don’t prioritize relationships and people. Trying to live your best life is nothing without being truly happy and yes they’re two very different things

Lesson 2: Gratitude

Gratitude should be our carry from now on in any situation, good or bad. The fact that we don’t have it all together doesn’t mean there is no reason to be grateful. Look around, look in the mirror, and you’ll find more than enough reasons to be grateful. What you have now is what someone elsewhere is working tirelessly for. Be grateful

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Lesson 3: Life is short

Over 750,000 people have lost their lives to COVID-19 as of now, both young and old. No one predicted this to happen. Not even one of these 750000 people. The dreams, hopes, achievements, and milestones that have all gone down the drain. Life is too short to be slacking. It’s too short to not live freely. Life is too short to not live your best life while you can. Because no one knows when that day will come.

Lesson 4: You’re not too young to start anything

I honestly still think I’m like 12, in my head. The attitude of not wanting to grow up and holding on to so many things for support, for the go-ahead and so on was becoming a negative habit of mine. Covid-19 gave me the wakeup call because people as young as 12 are actually making it in life, not because they have the luxury to do so but because they set goals and work hard to achieve them. I’m no longer wasting time waiting for the right time to come. Do it now!

Lesson 5: You’re so much more than medical school(whatever thing you’re doing)

The pandemic has taught me also that I’m more than this medical school. I tell you, medical school can keep you stagnant all your life. It’s stressful, annoying, draining emotionally, financially, spiritually you name it. You may never move on to other things if you don’t decide to. In this pandemic, I’ve learned how to blog, how to make a variety of meals, the process of acquiring contracts, ICT stuff, and so on. Don’t lay all your eggs in one basket because the basket will fall and you’ll definitely be a whole mess. I believe I’ll be in a better position to handle the things I’ve learned now in the near future.

Lesson 6: You can do more than you’re doing now

There is more to you than you could ever think. Where you think you’re weak that’s where God’s strength begins. Don’t settle. Do more, because in doing more, you’re opening yourself up to a lifetime of opportunities

Lesson 7: Hard work pays

To buttress lesson 6, as you do more, your hard work will pay off. I spent so much time and resources putting up this blog back in late May this year. My initial view per day was around 2-3 and even with that, they were just close family and friends. I put my all into this blogging thing recently and it’s paying off (60per day in a matter of about 2 months)

Lesson 8: Who I truly am

My mum has taught so much family history during this break. I’ve also asked so many questions about my ancestry, where I’m from, and who I really am. I am now fully aware and can draw some strength, motivation, and encouragement from that

Lesson 9: It’s ok to move out of your comfort zone

Knowing who you are, comes with finding your strengths, weaknesses, and finding your comfort zone as well. That shouldn’t end it. Our fears and discomfort could turn out to the best things we never imagined. Go out of your comfort zone today and get comfortable being uncomfortable

Lesson 10: Finance and budgeting

Speaking of comfort, money is something most of us are uncomfortable speaking about. You have to understand that it’s a lifestyle you need to learn to live. The Bible says ‘to whom much is given much is required.‘ Imagine earning 50 bucks and squandering it all waiting for the right time to come before you decide to save. You’ll have the same attitude when you reach 5000 bucks

Lesson 11: Setting goals is as important as reaching them

Wait, what? You don’t have goals? Like for real, you haven’t written them down? I was in the same situation a few months ago but COVID made me do it. I’m currently learning how to draw a vision board because believe you me there’s magic in writing things than imagining them

Lesson 12: You create the life you want to live

The life you’re living and decisions you’re making now are a reflection of how you want to live your life in the future. What are you doing to live the Jeff Bezos life? It doesn’t happen overnight. With hard work and determination, you’ll get there.

Lesson 13: Listen to people but don’t let their opinions control of your life

The new normal/saying is that no one’s opinion matters. I feel like this is misinterpreted often. People see things you may not even know yourself. It definitely shouldn’t change you but you need to look within, take constructive criticism, and do the needful. They may be true, others may be false. Just know that not everyone is wishing you evil/bad, some actually do care.

Lesson 14: Social media toxicity is real

Chile, this year has been a year of rather unfortunate divorces, heartbreaks, and things that would’ve never been brought up if not for social media. The influence is too much and it’s sad to see your favs end up in certain situations

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Lesson 15: Ditch the relationship goals

Again social media brings everything to light. Everyone has cobwebs in their closet. The couple we glorify so much is simply not perfect. Stay focused in whatever relationship you’re in because nothing is perfect

In conclusion, 2020 was truly needed because most of us were stuck but suddenly woke up. These important life lessons were needed indeed

What has COVID-19 taught you? What life lessons have you learned from this pandemic? Leave your comment down below

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