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60 Beautiful Medically Themed Graduation Cakes

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to any of the pictures down below. They’re sourced from different websites and Pinterest. Have fun reading!

I get this overwhelming joy whenever anyone in the medical field completes the journey of a thousand miles. In my previous post on graduation photo ideas to end medical school in style, I thought of the beautiful memories you’d want to create for reaching such a milestone

In this article, you’ll find all the beautiful graduation cakes to end your medical education in style, from doctors to nurses, physician assistants, dentists etc.

I’d gladly attend any graduation party just for a bite of cake and so many others would also.

To make it a lot easier to navigate around, I put them in sections of four depending on how many tiers of cake you’d want to get for yourself or the grad.

Some special designs have been highlighted in the last bit for those who want to go creepy and wild, not forgetting cupcakes as well

These lovely cakes are also here for your viewing pleasure in case you’re eagerly waiting for your graduation day.


One Tier

I love love these designs. Although one tier may seem too simple for such a big celebration, the added designs with stethoscopes, drugs, teeth, graduation caps and so on are spot on. They look so delicious as well. My fave is the last one with the doughnut on the side of the cake.

Two Tiers

Another tier brings in richness and creativity in these cakes. You can design the layers in varying ways to suit the taste of your grad. Lovely and thoughtful inscriptions such as Congrats Grad, Dr.., etc would be extra amazing

Three/more Tiers

This is what taking it to another level means. I’ve always thought of multiple tiered cakes to be exclusively for weddings and other huge occasions.

However, seeing these beautiful graduation cakes have just blown me away. Layer by layer depicts all the hard work and tenacity you or the grad put in to get to this point today and it calls for a massive celebration

Other designs & cupcakes

Finally, here are more specific and somehow wild ways to go with your graduation cake designs. I would’ve loved to include way more creepy ones but for some of my lovelies who would cringe so badly.

For more outdoorsy parties involving a lot of family and friends, tiered cupcakes would be a great way to build on your cake layer by layer. So amazing!

I hope you’ve found the perfect graduation cake to get for yourself or your grad. Feel free to pin any of them for later use as well.

You can get your cake toppers from Amazon and Etsy.

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