10 Bad Habits to break in your early 20s
10 bad habit you need to break now

10 Bad Habits to break in your early 20s

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Adulting is undoubtedly one of the most difficult transformations you’d have to learn in your 20s. You’re expected to act in a certain way to conform to societal norms and way of life.

Learning new habits and unlearning ones well cultivated. Maintaining friendships and getting rid of toxic ones and actually making friends themselves. How to dress to fit your body shape, formally and for the fancy date nights. Learning how to communicate with your partner etc.

Its altogether very difficult!

At 18, we’re all ready to get on the horse’s back to ride on our own lives but we’re not sure of the journey ahead. Our thoughts of independence are way different from what confronts us

This week, I’ve encountered a number of challenges as a result of my own bad habits and this is made me reflect a lot

Here are some 10 habits that you need to move far away from to build a strong foundation in your 20s

1.Thinking you’re strong

The ‘I can do bad all by myself‘ mantra is killing so many of us now. Being strong doesn’t exclude seeking help. It simply means you’re ready to fight head-on with the everyday struggles you’re faced with and to find help if necessary. There is nothing new under the sun as they say and so what seems like a burden to you now has been dealt with by someone else. All you need to do is ask for a helping hand. You definitely shouldn’t be ashamed of that either. However, finding the right person to talk to is the most important thing. A blind man cannot lead another blind man. Therefore, be careful who you share your problems with. It can cause you to harm or fix your problems.

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2. Saying ‘Yes’ all the time

This is one bad habit a lot of people in their early 20s commit to. Saying ‘yes’ all the time. Although your 20s is the prime time of your life and you want to experiment with different things at the same time, it comes with its consequences. It would be prudent for you to figure out where you’re headed, sift them from what others want you to do, in order to block all the negativities that come with it. Saying No is totally ok because you don’t just protect your space, energy, and peace, but also you avoid unfortunate incidences that could change your life forever

3. Giving up on a bad day

We all have those days. Starts on a good note then the trigger! Your day suddenly goes from bad to worse. For me, it’s not waking up on time or missing that part of my schedule. I feel so devastated and turn that day into a ‘recuperating‘ day. You’re just wasting your time honey. Always try and turn a bad day into a good one. How?

–Take a walk with headphones on

–Read a book

–Talk to a loved one on phone just to destress and get back on the groove

Time spent can never be regained. In addition, always tell yourself you’re going to have a good day in advance before stepping out into this crazy world.

4. Unhealthy lifestyle

Health is wealth. You’re wasting your time if you’re not investing in your health in your 20s. All your toil and sweat in this time of your life is based on achieving set goals that will make you ‘rich’ or live comfortably in the near future. However, we tend to forget that our human body is the fuel that drives everything around. The last thing a man would want is laying in a sickbed in a beautifully built mansion and not being able to enjoy life as it is. Drink lots of water, eat healthy meals, engage in physical activity, and get those coins, in that order.

5. Disappointment in people

A wise one once said, ‘I was born alone, I didn’t come here with no body, and so I need to paddle my own canoe.‘ This message should be the motto of your everyday living. Everyone has responsibilities. So you shouldn’t expect to be the center of attention or feel entitled in any way. Man disappoints. Your family or spouse will disappoint you. That shouldn’t be the end of your relationship with them but you definitely should not be disappointed because that’s how it is. Focus on you and grow you and always have a plan B. That will save you so many sleepless nights

6. Looking good for the gram

I’ve struggled a lot with living life on my own terms while trying to build a brand on social media and I failed completely. I quit eventually. Not because I felt depressed or anxious about things not turning out my way but I just figured it was time to throw all that away. I always say Instagram is not a place for the ‘unmatured‘ because it creates a huge problem, Comparison. You may not know how to deal with that and finally end up doing whatever it takes to be on par with the IG icons. Leave the gram. If not totally, a couple of days to weeks will do to get your head in the right direction.

7. Timestamps

One thing to note as you enter 20sthings is that timestamps are very unnecessary. I want to own a house, buy a car, get married, and so on at a certain age is a complete waste of time. Because we rely heavily on these accomplishments in order to be recognized in society, the pressure on us is huge and it increases every single day. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan but let it be ok when things don’t happen when you want it to.

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8. Refusing to recharge

In my previous post on self-care, I touched on the importance of taking time off your busy schedule to recharge. It is very vital for your wellness. An overloaded mind is as dangerous as an empty one. Give yourself a break, reassess all that’s been happening and plan the way forward

9. Following trends

Still, on living on your own terms, clout chasing through following trends is one bad habit you should get rid of. Your money leaves your account, you keep buying and buying, you may lose your reputation, eventually, you’re left with nothing. Trends are great but not all designers are worth the splurge. You could still follow trends but at your own pace. Don’t be influenced by social media into spending and doing things out of nothing

10.Ignoring who you are

Your background, where you’re coming from, your roots should be your basic guiding principles so you don’t sew seed into bad habits. Knowing who you are, makes you stronger, persevere, and gives you an identity no one can snatch from you. Don’t be like the other person. Be You! Because that is what makes you stand out from the lot.

Bad habits once cultivated can be detrimental to your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Try to incorporate good habits into your everyday life for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Thanks for reading. XoXo

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