Getting back on Instagram after 5 months: What I learned

Getting back on Instagram after 5 months: What I learned

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A few months ago, about 4 months and a half, I decided to quit Instagram. I did not just deactivate but delete an almost 2K following account. As socially awkward and uncertain as it was, I decided to push through. Hands down, one of the best decisions ever made.

First of all, I deserve some accolades for being away for that long. It wasn’t as easy as just seeing the number of the months, but it’s all worth it.

During the initial hours and weeks of deleting the account, I obviously started to regret the decision because boredom and I were beginning to look alike.

Thank God, I got motivated to continue blogging which is a whole job on its own. School and finals also had me occupied the whole time literally, and when it was over, I gave Instagram a second try

It’s been a complete week of the comeback and I’m sharing with you what I learnt on my being away, how I’m working around my new instagram account and how to not fall into the insanity surrounding the app

What I learnt

You could totally do away with Instagram and be more than fine.

Huh, without Instagram, as I said in my why I quit social media post, you’re like an outcast in society.

In the early days of your “resignation,” you begin to feel extremely lonely and 100% want to go back, and that is normal. Imagine being separated from something or someone you’ve grown to love for such a long time. It’s definitely going to be hard.

But then blogging came in then school then finals etc which filled in the gap. That spot began to fill up till the point I was ok without it.

At the beginning of my vacation, I started reading self-improvement literature which also gave me zero urge to visit the gram

What I’d advise if you’re seriously considering quitting social media is that find something you love outside of that. Something interesting that can gradually replace the part of your life. It could be learning how to dance, visiting different parts of your country or reading as I did

How has it been getting back?

Honestly, I’ve had an ok time. I wouldn’t count it as a 10/10 experience because of two reasons

1.Wasting a lot of time on the platform.

It’s really shocking how Instagram can make you scroll mindlessly without realizing how long you’ve spent on there. I set my activity time to 1 hr 30 minutes because I wanted to be realistic with it but on my second day, I went all the way to 7 hours which is absolutely mind-blowing.

It didn’t prick my mind one bit how long I stayed on the gram that day till I went back to check the time at the end of the day. I ended up frustrated because the main reason why I quit in the first place was to make more time for other things

Instagram is a lot more manipulative these days than before. I’m gaining better ground of the whole situation and I’m proud to say I stick to an average of 1 hour 30mins. Could be less and better but we’ll use this for now

2. Creating good content.

In my November goals, I stated that this time around, my IG account was going to be solely for the blogging business and content creation. This is the first time I’m actually calling myself a content creator and to be very honest, it’s not the easiest.

With blogging on the website, I can just get up and put down my thoughts real fast. With Instagram blogging, it’s all about taking pictures which involves a lot of creativity. I know it develops over time but for now, racking my brains is an arduous task

Nonetheless, I’ve had a good user experience with all the reels and Igtv and stuff like that. I’ve connected with friends through their feeds and probably made one new friend on there.

How to be sane on the gram

It all boils down to self-discipline really. As I said, the way Instagram is set up makes you want to scroll non-stop.

Their activity time count should be your benchmark every day. In this case, as soon as that reminder pops up, I’m done for real on the day.

I turned off my notifications as well. With this, I don’t get enticed into opening the account on days I’ve exhausted my time on there. If you’re disciplined and focused enough, you and Instagram won’t have a problem

Additionally, when looking for followers as a newbie or a returning fresh babe, don’t follow everyone. I choose to follow people who are in my niche to give me ideas on photos to take or content to create and then family and some friends follow. You don’t have to click follow by force because of nice pictures or pretty faces.

Just do what you went there to do and leave. It can be very addictive and mentally draining when comparison also sets in. People want to do the impossible to get a cute picture for the feed or be just like another person.

Know yourself, set your boundaries and do the right thing and you’ll be fine

If you just opened a new Instagram account or you’re a returning babe, leave in the comment section below how you’ve handled all the craziness on the gram and what you think so far about Instagram blogging. Would love to hear from you all

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Tea

    I quit social media around 2 months ago & I feel exactly the same. On one hand it’s an empty space & lonely. But I have real connections & real conversations & I have a lot more time & less stress. I am in the moment. Like in the 80s/90s when I grew up & there were No social media. I honestly think quitting it & realizing we don’t need it will be the big new trend. & I don’t think I will come back, cause after the first days or weeks of detox my life has just improved. Love /Tea

    1. Julia

      Hi Tea. Thanks for reading. Loved that you’ve decided to let go of it. You’ll benefit from it greatly😊

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