Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Energy and Space in Difficult Times

Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Energy and Space in Difficult Times

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The past few weeks have been a roller coaster on so many occasions and even on very minute things but this phrase of “Protect your energy and space” kept on ringing in my mind and I’m not planning on becoming the world’s next motivational speaker by this post, just my unpopular opinions.

Almost everyone on social media had a post on New Years that had the caption ‘ Positive vibes‘ ‘I’m protecting my energy this year‘ and so on. I was like, well, people are being too cliche with this. With all that is going on in the world, I’ve now understood the importance of protecting your energy and space.

How to protect your peace in difficult times

Your energy/space/self embodies the true features of who you are. It may come out for others to see, the physical, but others stay hidden from the world. Your energy/space/self reflects in the very small and big things you do in life, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, phlegmatic, or choleric.

If you’re in a good space and you’re your best self, nothing can stop you from moving on, aiming for greater heights and reaching for the best. Aaron Rose said it even better;

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

Here are my top five tips for protecting your energy and space in difficult times

1. Take care of the whole being

Usually, people think of protecting your energy as self-care or finding a fancy counselor to talk to. Not at all, although self-care is a step in the right direction. However, you should try and deal with your emotions, relationships, health, and the very things that make you, You. They are as important as the physical and spiritual.

Our entire being is built on these crucial pillars. It’s not a buffet to choose what you want to consume. I mean it’s easy to say ‘things happen for a reason’ when we’re misled or cheated in relationships or our viewpoints are totally disregarded. The truth of the matter is, you’ll need to work around them and make the best decisions that’ll be of positive impact to you in the future.

For example, I’ve grown up to be a very emotionally attached person, if this is it, this is it and nothing else. Therefore, I’m left in total disbelief when things turn out otherwise. This simple mistake of mine can affect every other area in my life. I could still go to class or events physically, in good shape but not be in the best space to express myself freely.

2. Know your limit & take a break

We hold on to many things especially as young adults with the fear of losing them and not getting it back. You find yourself in a situation, you’re like ‘Whew Chile, this is overwhelming,‘ but you want to hold on to it for the fear of what people are going to say or think.

You have to understand and know yourself. Know your limit. At some point, you might have to take a break, reflect on how a situation is going to affect you in the end before moving forward. In every season, there is a reason for the way things are. You don’t stay in the same season forever. You move on.

Without this, you’ll end up being a mess and may end up losing your purpose and drive.

3. Set boundaries

It is very important to set boundaries if you want to protect your energy. Your INNER CIRCLE!!! I never believed in having an inner circle because for some of us we find it very hard to make friends, so you know, whoever comes your way has to be in that inner circle where they’re literally into you.

As I grow older, I become wiser with this inner circle. The circle should be one you can quickly run to when you’ve lost energy or when you feel lost. They should be able to lift you when you are not motivated enough to push forward or need certain resources to help you get there. It is important to find that inner circle of true friends, family, or better half to protect the energy you have and not make you vulnerable in any circumstance.

4. Declutter

Talking of this inner circle, you may have the outer circle in the inner already. This is the time for space clearing. YOU NEED TO LET GO!! This may be interpreted by those affected as you being rude. However, the last thing any man would want is a distraction to his/her mental health. You don’t want what will ‘just suffice for now‘ to ruin what is to come in the future. You’d want to save up that energy for the worthwhile and life-changing experiences in the future. I believe in not wasting precious time, a resource that cannot be retrieved once lost, and that’s very key to protecting your energy.

5. Self-care

In the event of disappointment or when you feel you lost it, find it. Self-care is essential.

Read here on why self-care is important and how to practice self-care at home

For me, talking to my parents/elderly person is my ultimate. Also, changing the environment to clear my mind has proven to benefit me a lot. You could listen to songs, motivational speakers, etc to get things off your chest in order to create more room for the many happy adventures in life. Harboring it does not help in the lest. Just let it go and be free.

I hope this post helps you declutter whatever is taking up space and energy from your life. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading.


Protecting your energy

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