22+ Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to end 2020

22+ Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to end 2020

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This post is all about New Year’s Eve Party ideas to end 2020 the fun and right way. Hope you enjoy!

Who can’t wait for 2020 to be over?

I’m happy it’s gradually getting to that time of the year where we reassess, plan, have fun and hope for better days and years ahead

With all that’s going on in the world, it may be hard to find easy and simple ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve to end the year

In my part of the world, restrictions have gone down totally, people are moving freely so a New Year’s party in-person wouldn’t hurt anyone (not forgetting to observe all protocols)

However, a virtual party is still not a bad idea.

These New Year’s Eve Party Ideas can work both virtually as well as in-person when both sides plan well to make it a fun time

1. Cocktail Confessions

A good cocktail/mocktail is the perfect way to kick start your New Year’s Eve Party.

Themagnoliamamas.com topped off this beautiful cocktail with some cotton candy and it’s so beautiful. Having fun while spilling all the tea on life through the year.

via Pinterest & themagnoliamamas.com

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2. Indoor picnic

An absolute fave when it comes to organizing an intimate party. Not only does it exert comfy and cosy vibes but adds on an extra dose of closure.

Ministylemag.com did justice to this decoration by hanging some starry garlands to give off a winter wonderland feel. Don’t forget to add those confetti balloons on the side as well

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3. Have a fun game night

What even is New Year’s Eve without having a game night?

Playing a dirty truth or dare, the topple tower way or asking random and fun questions, would end the year on a very revealing and shocking note.

Get these free printables of questions to ask during the New Year’s Eve game night.

Free printable – Click here

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4. Coffee/Cocoa Bar

Let’s switch up on the liquor just this one time.

The cold season screams coffee everywhere and you shouldn’t forget that at your New Year Eve’s party.

Some muffins and marshmallows on the side is a plus

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5. First Gift of the Year

Getting a gift at the beginning of a new year would be an unforgettable one.

Wrap up a few items you’ve always wanted to give your friends and family and wish them the best of luck for the coming year.

Source : curbly.com

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6. Gold Champagne bottles

If I were to choose a theme for a New Year’s Eve Party, it’d definitely have gold in it.

There’s just something about starting a fresh year in glitz and glam. It automatically sets the mood for the rest of the year.

Drinking to that from these gold bottles is a wowzer

Learn how DIY these amazing champagne bottles here

7. Count down Cake & Cupcakes

If there’s no cake, there’s no party. Period!

And why not take a bite of your delicious cake or cupcake when an hour is gone for the last in 2020.

These Oreo cupcake topping from Somewhatsimple.com also brings life to all this goodness

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Whichever way you’d want to go with your cake designs, just make to sure to incorporate a countdown element as a topping.

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8. Rockets & sparklers

Fireworks and sparklers are like the highlight of a good New Year’s Eve Party.

Just sitting down to watch the display is a beautiful moment that you’ll cherish forever.

These rockets may contain sparklers, candies and other party favours for a sweet start of the year

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9. Countdown Balloons

Balloons are a cost effective and necessary component in every celebration.

Creating a New Year’s Eve Balloon clock and popping them one after the other as the clock ticks is an exciting way to end the year.

You can prepare a little champagne bucket on the side and pop pop pop when we hit midnight

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10. Photobooth

For the perfect Instagram photo, you’ll need an equally perfect backdrop and decor.

It could be as simple as hanging balloons and playing with confetti or rich and sophisticated as getting the drinks cart with some food and sitting pretty in a comfy sofa

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11. Photo Props

To go with your photos would be these beautiful props for the New Year.

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12. New Year’s Hangover Kit

After getting too lit and your guests are boozed, save them with these hangover kits. Help them quickly recover from such a fun night.

Get these lovely hangover bags from this store on Etsy

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13. Grazing Tables

What I absolutely love about parties is getting the chance to munch on some cakes, doughnuts and a whole variety of sweets.

So a grazing table at New Year’s Eve Party would be an incredible and fun idea to use.

The Kardashians did it best with their Winter Wonderland themed grazing table.

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14. Confetti Poppers

Popping confetti is a must for every party.

You can have them in full blown balloons or create a popper with the New Year’s eve print on paper.

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15. Jello Shots

If you want your guests to avoid getting drunk and boozy but still want them to have that slight tinge, this would be the safest way to do it

Grab some vodka and gelatin and make this super chill treat.

You could put them in these jello shot syringes to literally get the vibe

16. New Year Bulletin Board

After all the confessions and trying to have a lit night, it’ll be best to put down some New Year’s resolutions next.

Not trying to go too deep but simple notes of things you look forward to in the coming year.

Alternatively, you could share gratitude letters and read them out loud

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17. Festive Crowns

Headbands and festive crowns can be given as party souvenirs or they can work as props for taking your pictures

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DIY festive crowns – Click here

18. Popcorn for the night

A movie night before or after midnight should come with a lot of popcorn. That’s how to keep your eyes open throughout the movie.

You can easily print out some New Year’s Eve stickers and paste on the popcorn bags

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19. Midnight Kisses

Kisses at Midnight, they say, is believing you’ll have that same person around in the next year.

It’s like a beautiful bond you form with your partner, to stay with one another through thick and thin throughout the year.

Pop a few candies in your mouth before and after that kiss

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20. Karaoke Night

Turning on some music and having the best karaoke night would be amazing.

I love these cordless microphones from Amazon perfect for the night.

You can also DIY a cute little microphone and let the music play

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DIY microphone – Click here

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21. Pyjama Party

Holding a pyjama party is a very easy and fun party idea, especially on New Year’s Eve.

You can decide to watch movie after movie, play games and relax waiting for midnight to arrive.

Just make sure you have matching pyjama sets to nail this party

22. Party Favours

Finally, 2020 has taught all of us the importance of staying clean and personal hygiene in general.

As we enter 2021 and hope to live great lives away from Covid-19, these party favors will be very much appreciated by your guests

Embroided Toilet Paper – Click here to buy

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