The Ghana Tag: Who am I really?

The Ghana Tag: Who am I really?

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Happy Independence Day Ghana. We’re 64 today!!!!

Wow, we’re supposed to have retired by now, right?

Retired from work, financial aid, retired from poverty, bad roads, unemployment so much more.

But really and truly, I’m still proud of us.

I wouldn’t trade Ghana for any other country in the world

What the culture builds in us here is that strong sense of Pride and Belongingness.

You instantly feel happy when you see growth or when you’re recognized by others on the other side of the world, not to say that’s our sole focus but it makes sense to have others seeing you bloom into greatness.

Ghana #ghanaday #ghanaindependence #ghanafood
Independence Day Parade at the Independence Square

Ghana has come a long way. From our initial Gold Coast title to modern-day Ghana, we’ve had to adjust to new governments and systems, chasing after the seemingly same goals of being a truly independent and thriving nation

Honestly, it can be very disappointing sometimes seeing other countries reach milestones we could’ve reached by now.

Our land size, resources, affluence and influence, could’ve taken us places

There’s a lot of work to be done but we’d have to take a step at a time

In today’s blog post, I’ll be doing a little Ghana tag/ get-to-know me kinda thing, not the everyday med school bores, so that we can learn a thing or two about Ghana and myself. Hope you enjoy

1. What tribe are you?

My dad is Ashanti and my mum is Akyem, so based on the matrilineal system of inheritance, I’m technically AKYEM

The Akyems and Ashantis are both under the Akan ethnic group in Ghana (one of the 5). That means, they originated from the same place and migrated to their present-day settlement. Hence the different names

2. What is your Ghanaian name?

Nana Afia Akyaa, that makes a total of 6 of my names

In Ghana, names are given based on the day of the week you were born and the tribe you’re from (that’s aside from what your parents want to name you and the traditional naming system). I was born on a Friday, therefore, I’m automatically called Afia. Kofi is the name given to a boy who was born on a Friday

You can read more on Ghanaian traditional naming systems here

3. How many Ghanaian languages do you speak?

I’m fluent in Twi, I can logically reason out Ga and mumble some words in my defence

4. Where were you born?

I was born in Kyebi, in the Eastern Region.

My mum is a true native of the town. She lived there half of her life before finally moving away

5. When was the last time you visited your hometown?

I was there 3 months ago to vote during the general elections

6. What is your favourite Ghanaian food?

Waakye, no doubt, with all the additives and a lot of shito and stew. Yesss, I like it soggy

In fact, I have a blog post on 25 popular Ghanaian foods everyone loves here. Go check it out

7. What is your favorite Ghanaian dress?

I do a lot of modern day Ankara looks. I’ll insert my fave down below.

Ghana #Ghanaindependence #ghanaday

I love the colour combinations and the entire vibe of the kente cloth but it’s too heavy to wear as a dress.

8. Favourite Ghanaian song/artiste?

I just go with the flow. You’ll find me singing randomly to any Ghanaian song by any artiste

9. Three things you love about Ghana

The people, the food and the vibe/culture

10. Three things you hate about Ghana

The systems, the heat and urmmm…

11. Favourite place(s) you’ve visited in Ghana?

Akosombo (the whole township is epic)

12. Which Ghanaian Schools have you attended so far?

Akosombo International School, Madonna School, Holy Child School, University of Ghana

13. Your Ghanaian mentor?

I don’t have one specific mentor. They cut across the different fields I want to work in in the future. The ones off the top of my head now are Afua Rida (content creation) and an inspiration, Dr Susan Ofori Atta (first female Ghanaian Pediatrician)

14. Favourite Ghanaian movie

Princess Tyra. Back in the day, this movie was lit. It’s sad we’re not producing such movies anymore

15. Favourite Ghanaian event

I love Ghanaian wedding ceremonies. The colours, the humour, everything, except the lateness of the bride.

All in all, I’ll state that again, I’m proud to be Ghanaian and I can’t wait to see the country achieve greater and mightier things

Special acknowledgement to our one and only Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first Ghanaian prime minister and the one who fought strongly for Independence in Ghana

Ghana #kwamenkrumah Ghana Independence day
The joy of attaining independence 64 years ago

Also, all governments past and gone, Ghana thanks you

Finally, our current President, Nana Akuffo-Addo, we know the vision and the love you have for this country. We’re waiting and hoping to see more in the coming years.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong GH

Thanks for reading and see you soon


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