5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College/University Students

5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College/University Students

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Gaining weight in college/uni, the freshman-15 as people choose to call it, is 80% inevitable.

As to why that happens, I have no solid proof.

However, based on my little background in medicine and the torrential 5 years I’ve been in uni, I’d say most of this weight stems from stressors such as academic work, relationship issues and the idea of exploring what’s on the market.

I paid little to no attention to my weight in the past even in my freshman year up until year 3 when I was like nope, this gotta change.

I shared in a previous blog post how I managed to lose a significant amount in about 3 months. That’s where my healthy lifestyle journey began

A healthy lifestyle is not just about the abs and the butt lifts; rather, it’s only a sustainable form of living that captures a life of feeling good, eating good and living well.

It doesn’t have an endpoint. Once you make up your mind and cultivate the habit, you ride with it till eternity.

Healthy lifestyle

In this blog post, I’ll highlight a few steps you could take to achieve your ultimate goal in healthy living

**Disclaimer though, I’m not a certified nutritionist, fitness guru or a TEDx speaker; just a girl and her views. Take it or leave it

1. Set goals & make up your mind

You need to know where you’re headed with this healthy living. No man can just stand up on a super good day and decide they want a ride-along with healthy living.

It doesn’t work that way.

Your goals should be directed towards reaching a point where you’re not only satisfied with yourself but actually wanting to continue on your journey

When I started off with my weight loss journey, I badly wanted to fit in a size 10 dress I bought about a year ago on vacation. It’s not the best of goals but the target was well directed because I didn’t want to give it out neither did I want to sell or exchange it for anything. I kept it up until the day I lost that much and was able to fit into it

If you don’t make up your mind to keep on course, come what may, this will end up in the ruins

2. Get a tracker

It can be very difficult finding a partner who has the same fitness and health goals as you (if there even is)

That’s why these numerous apps are around to help us.

I personally found MyFitnessPal really helpful in my transition days. Not only does it track your activity level like walking, running and skipping, but it also helps you measure and estimate your portions through your daily inputs into the app. It is quite stressful in the early days but after a few weeks you’ll get the upper hand on it

Once in a while, you can get a gym buddy or meal plan partner and work your way out. Point is, you do not have to rely on anyone when it comes to attaining your goals. You have to work for you

3. Don’t force it

There was a time in my journey when I used to wake up so early in the morning to take a walk, jog, skip etc with a couple of friends. They could walk miles and miles unend and then skip, run do all sorts of “easy” activities go back to their dorms and prepare for class in the next minute. I tried so hard to see myself do all these things so badly that I felt mentally and physically drained whenever I engaged in these morning activites.

The fact that gyming and exercising is one sure way to achieve your goals doesn’t mean that’s the ultimate. There are so many other options you can tap into if only you do your research and know what your body really requires and likes.

Don’t force yourself to do something everyone is doing to achieve the same results

Another disadvantage of following the crowd is that you get stressed out quite often and eventually add on a few more pounds to your weight and resort to unhealthy lifestyles

Healthy lifestyle

4. Be ready to learn new habits

Life is a habit as it is said. You wake up day by day mostly doing the same thing each time. That’s a habit.

Healthy living can only be possible if you learn new habits and get rid of the bad ones. Again in the early stages of my weight loss journey, I learned about water therapy; which’s taking about 1.5L of water early in the morning before actually getting into the day. Although it took a lot of time and consideration in trying to get away with the unhealthy habit of not reaching even a 1L/day limit, I didn’t give up at any point because I wanted that habit to be a part of me

Starting a healthy lifestyle is 100% mindset inclusive. Starting new things always sucks especially the ones you wish to stick with you forever, but it’s better to endure now than to suffer the toxic effects later on in life

5. Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You don’t get up out of a dream one day and decide to start crunching on fresh vegetables.

You need a plan, an action plan. Not only does to track your progress but to ease the burden, because you’ve sat down to thoroughly think about it and how you’re ultimately going to achieve it.

That’s a win on its own. Also, you’re not rushed with the results, looking all fly and happy in a matter of months. Your understanding of the step by step approach to healthy living will help you reach a more than a satisfactory finish line

In conclusion, think of a healthy lifestyle as one sure way of becoming a far better person than before. Being in college/uni should not hinder you from attaining your goals when it comes to healthy living

Thanks for reading

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