35+ Holiday Gifts for a College/University girl

35+ Holiday Gifts for a College/University girl

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Being in University for over four years now makes me appreciate certain gifts than others, not because of its relative luxury or trendiness at the time but simply how beneficial they can be for in our everyday life.

As 2020 is gradually and finally coming to end and college/uni hasn’t been so great, getting your personal person that perfect gift is definitely called for. These gifts listed here are unique and will not only make life easier on campus but much fun

I hope you find yourself or your college/uni girl the most ideal gift to crown 2020, just a click away

1. Noise cancelling headphones

Before I upgrade to these AirPods Apple offers, I bet these noise-cancelling headphones will be my go-to. They’re way cheaper than the AirPods and does well to block adequate noise as you try to find some quiet to study. Honestly, every college girl needs these headphones. They’re very helpful

2.Apple airpods with charging case

It’s every college girl’s dream to own AirPods and a plus when it comes with a charging case. It’s like the perfect gift for her. They’re portable, allowing long usage with its charging case.

One reason I personally love this is not having all the cables getting wrapped around my stuff

3. Fujifilm polaroid camera

I didn’t realize how beautiful and equally important it is to get this camera and print out amazing memories you make with friends while on campus.

My roommate made me fall deeply in love with this idea even when she clipped just a few around her study desk. I love this hot pink colour as well.

4. Photo clip string lights

Even though we’re still running classes online, the few that can afford to put up these string lights in their dorms for Christmas will definitely have a good time.

5. Scrunchies

You’ll see these a lot in gift ideas for college girls because they’re so necessary. There’s a countless number of times you forget or lose a scrunchie, and that day, I bet you’ll be the most disorganized. Getting this pack gives you more than enough to keep in every corner on campus

6. Portable charger

This is a staple for the college girl on campus because when the battery dies the day’s literally over for you I guess. Since almost everything is available on our devices, we can’t afford for it run out of power

7. Weighted blanket

The cold in this season, for those in the winter countries would be unbearable without these weighted blankets. Jumping straight to bed and tucking right underneath is the best feeling ever

8. Necklace/ Pendants

Most college girls love to get these cute necklaces and pendants because they add a lot of spice to the seemingly casual outfits you see on campus.

You can have them customized with a name or initials to make it even more special


9.Pink Salt Lamp

On my self-care Sundays, rather than lighting a candle, I’d rather turn on a salt lamp for the spa effect. It’s a beautiful addition to the college girl’s self-care day

10. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs give a pleasantly soothing effect in no time. A college girl will appreciate these

11. Vanity Planet Facial Cleansing Brush

Vanity Planet has saved most of us with this 3 in 1 brush set. They’re perfect for anyone who’s pressed on clearing acne, getting smooth skin and gently cleansing the skin. Highly recommend as well

12. Neutrogena Makeup Remover in Singles

These handy makeup removers make life easy because they come in singles and can easily fit and occupy less space in the college girl’s bag

13. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizing & Hydrating Sheet Mask

This much talked about moisturizing and hydrating sheet mask from Neutrogena is the truth. On a regular, I’d go for the simple sheet mask but for a proper beauty treat, this will be the go-to

14. Nike Women’s Sneakers

These sneakers are comfortable pairs you’ll find for college. And it’s Nike

15. Sports Wear set

This set comes in both comfy and stretchy material to make going to the gym a fun loving time

16. Weekly & Monthly Planners

Planners are on the wishlist of every college girl. Most days are a flop because we fail to plan. These planners are easy weekly planners that can help the college girl stay organized.

This second planner is from Paper Penie, a black-owned brand and its so cute. For this 2021 planner, it contains post stamps of Boss Babes on travel and I’m so in love

17. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

For any beauty enthusiast, this rosewater does no wrong and would be very appreciated.

18. Picnic blanket

Picnics have become a preferred option for throwing college birthday parties and this beautiful blanket fits right in.

19. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp would be a great idea to level up a college study desk

20. Shower Bag

I seriously can’t count the number of times, I forgot a thing or two before stepping in the bathroom. This shower bag organizer will save the college girl so much frustration, for real

21. Touchscreen Winter Gloves

I can just imagine how difficult bulky gloves can be in trying to type on your device. These touch screen gloves are perfect in this season

22. Lap Desk

One of the things on my wishlist this Christmas for sure. Studying in style all while in bed

23. Scented candles

Lighting up candles brings in a lovely ambience in whatever activity especially those chill, stress-free days, helping the college girl feel relaxed, calm and energized

24. Never Have I ever (College edition)

I’d love to join this college edition of Never have I ever. Boredom in the dorm is over.

25. Popcorn popper

A faster and easier way to make popcorn for college date night with friends and partners

26. Mini waffle, pancake, hashbrown maker

Another important kitchen necessity in college, making breakfast as exciting and on the go

27. Desk Organizer

I wish I had gotten hold of one of these in my early years. Keeping organized around the desk makes studying swift and easy

28. Cereal Cup

Next to having coffee 99% of the time in college are some crispy cereal. This cereal cup is everything and more. It can take up both the milk and the cereal without unnecessary spillage.

29. Fluffy Carpet

All the dreamy college dorm rooms have this in common. The light weighted carpets are preferred to this heavier option but for the cold winter nights

30. Satin Pillow Cases

My satin bonnets give up on me a few minutes after bed. They easily slide off. Resorting to these satin pillowcases is a better alternative for college girls

31. Microfiber Anti-frizz hair towel

Speaking of hair, these microfiber towels come with a long stretch to bring on a little spa day while washing your hair

32. Hair Straightner

Both a straightener and curling iron are essential tools every college girl needs. It’s better to have them personally than paying regular visits to the salon

Curling Iron

33. Jade Roller

This 2020 trend has so many beauty benefits like reducing puffiness, absorbing serums and creams better and promotes circulation of the skin

34. Sleep Headphones

One way to make you sleep better is through good music and these sleep headphones let you relax to your favourite music and wake up less at night

35. Phone holder

Phone holders give the college student a safe place to keep their mobile device while decorating their space

36. Backpack

To carry all these items listed above, your college girl will need a durable backpack like this one to help them move around

37. Motivational Cards

Every now and then, college students need some motivation to keep them going. These cards with wonderful notes will definitely bring a smile on their face whenever bad days hit.

I hope you’ve been able to get gifts for that wonderful college/university girl you love.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe.


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